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When I first stumbled across EP I was looking for something that was totally unrelated. But as it turned out what i did find was a story written by someone that is in a similar situation to my wife's.  Though we haven't found much more that has been a help to my wife, EP has become a daily part of my life since.  I have made many wonderful friends and I wouldn't want to miss a day on here if i didn't absolutely have to.  And even then, the cell phone to the rescue for on the go!!
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Sry it is finding

Was the someone me and good job on dinging this site (though you might of been here longer than me :P)

Hmmm maybe could be now..... : )

I am glad you found a pieceful place to be

That it is very much so.

Love from friends like you is awesome

Thank you! : ) Its just as nice receiving from my friends. Thank you everyone for being you and being my friend.

Always honey

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This place can become quite addicting :)

Sometimes I think that is an understatement. : )