That Is How I Found This Site

I was in love with a girl of my university, we became good friends, even though we only said hi and hello to each other in university but by facebook we became good friends, I was in love with her because of her looks when we did not know each other, but when we became friends she was boring but i still loved her and i loved her more after becoming her friend, but soon I realized that she was after another guy, she did not tell me that, but i came to know that because of some other source, and i was very sad after knowing that she likes other guy, because of my sadness i used to listen sad songs and read sad stories and articles, i was very lonely because i only told that to my one friend, i was reading similar stories of the people from google search, and i found this website from there, and on this website i saw that many other people were as sad as i am, and many people were suffering the same pain, i talked to few people here and made good friends, and EP helped me to overcome my sadness, and reading some stories on EP made me strong.
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she isnt lucky enough to get u

yes i also think so