Killing Yourself Is Never The Answer

I found this site by accident trying to research how to get over depression. I was trying to search for sites where I could chat with random people. Then I tried looking for activities to keep me occupied to overlook the feeling of sadness.
Then I came across the site with the experience "I battle depression" and read a few articles about people experiencing it.
I was flabbergasted with the thought that there are so many people going through depression everyday, and most of them don't know who to run to. There are still a lot of people who are just seen as aloof or just sad. And sadly, there are still people who don't know where to go and don't realize something is wrong and eventually resort to suicide.
But this site is no accident. We need to help people understand that depression is a real thing. We need to help people who don't know what to do and don't know where to go. We need to help those who also feel alone, tell them that even if the lonely feeling exists, there are people who understand and who will listen to them.
Who else will help those who are lonely and in need of Experience Project, than the people who understand.
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So well said! Thank you.

Thanks. :)