I Didn't Have Internet For Awhile Until December 2009

It was April 2007 when I disconnected from my Internet Access in Sacramento, California. Because I was going to move to Western Washington, somewhere where I found it to be the cloudest and coolest place during the summer. Living where the sky clears up or days above 75 degrees was always hell and annoying to me. I didn't care to excert my life in a climate like that. For 50 years of my life. I made my move to Aberdeen, Washington of June 12, 2007.  I lived in my Van for 3 months at RV Parks. Trying to find new employment and then try to figure where I could live in more reasonably. Knowing things where less cooperative. I felt the extreme stresses and anxiety and was getting myself into a very nervous break down. Not feeling well and I went to the crises center and signed up and signed up with the Department of Social & Health Services and went to the Health Clinic for my health issues. Then I started taking Anti-Depressants, Anti-Anxiety and a medication for Mental Stability.  I found it was making me feel worse. I got one job going when I couldn't handle it. Lasting only 3 days. I then signed up with the help from counseling. Then with Houseing Authority and they found me my Apartment since September 2007.  For which I then got to move into by that time. I put things I brought up here from a moving trailer into a storage unit. So I got my things and moved into the Apartment. When I brought out my computer.  It lost all media and sound and was unstabled. I noticed the computer could get into some programs and use my files. But the idea of using and getting Internet Service was out of the picture. Because I couldn't see how to budget my limited income sources, with a computer I had that wouldn't handle it.

So I didn't have Internet Service for 2 and 1/2 years.  I used the Library for very important Internet stuff. Because the Library only allows me 15 to 60 minutes when ever it has that availablity. I couldn't get into web sites for interaction stuff. I don't have the means for it at a Library. While having counseling. I was told to check out Seattle's Computer Charity Bank for a Computer.  I was skeptical for 2 years. Last Fall I was going to make a more effort, because not being on the Internet was driving me crazy. Then my Counselor found me a Computer at the end of October. And at the Start of November 2009, I found the Internet Support Provider I wanted. With Peoplepc. Then I was looking at or trying to find the sites I used to be on in Sacramento, California. And try to get back on them. At the same time I was just beginning to make friends with an Apartment neighbor lady. That seemed to live by herself and was handicaped by having to get around in a wheel chair.. Was a health nut. Was like a Nerd and kept herself looking younger than I think she was. She liked the Night time life and slept in the day. She was into computers and the internet. Had what I think she shared with me.  3 kinds of computers. So getting my internet going in November and December I was emailing and corresponding with her, while into December she decided to move into a bigger and nicer Apartment from the one she was in and where I was in now.  Then she didn't like the way I was with her for some reason.  I was on a site that I thought I might have a lot going for me.  One I was on prevously was being on Delpha Forums. Which it too has all kinds of Topic Forums. But I couldn't Blog there when I had to summit a minumum subscription.

So I was doing Google in searching  for more Forum like Sites and the searching had brought me several times to here: Experience  Project, because of the break up correspondance with this Lady. I wanted to find another Forum about how this was disappointing to me about not having my friendship with her anymore. And perhaps noticing that I might be able to find this site might help me find others.  It all happened to me since: December Thursday 17, 2009 and then on the following day Friday 18, 2009. I decided to join this Site and See how well this will go for me. Now I'm always on here since. And still hoping it will help me find others like me.

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Feb 8, 2010