A Lady Drops Her Kids Off...

A woman near my area, dropped her kids off this morning, at 9:30am, at the corner of an intersection, with a few clothes, and drove off.... These kids are 5 and 2 years old... and she just dropped them off, in the street.... for anyone to grab up. What kind of sick bullsh*t is that? Who the hell leaves a toddler and a baby???? And more importantly, why the hell does this woman have children?
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She was probably addicted to drugs or something or just didn't care anything about them. I know when crack hit real hard in new york in the 80's a lot of parents just walked out and left there kids never to return because all they wanted was their crack. It sad how things can take over our lives and make us forget the more important things.

Why didn't you run after her with a shotgun but rather decided to come back to your computer and type the whole story down?

I wasn't there, I heard about it on the radio.

OMG! A comment @ ssweetcherry said they were 2 yr old and 5 MONTH old and 9 mths. What the? I am horrified by the danger this woman put these children in, but I can't possibly imagine how desperate she must have felt, (or mentally ill perhaps), to do what she did. I think this is so sad on so many levels. Why oh why couldn't she have taken them somewhere safer. But they were found quickly and helped immediately, so i guess she knew that would happen. Very very sad. <br />
As a side note - Love the name - TheLeela!

it was a 2 year old a 5 month old and a 9 month old i live very close and they found the woman at 3 30 that evening

So sad that people out there do things like that!

I wasn't there, I heard about it on the radio. A service station attendant called the cops, and they picked up the kids. They're searching for the mother as I type.

Did you call CAS?

holy sh!t! That is just SICK!