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I was listening to a my favorite radio station, yesterday morning or so and they were going over recent stories...Maybe this isn't true, but in Tampa, Florida there was a monkey running loose, throwing poop at people everywhere. hahahha,...Apparently, the monkey was pooping in its hand and throwing it all around. I found that oddly amusing but weird and bizzare at the same time :)

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6 Responses Jan 16, 2009

Not to different from the people in tampa guess the monkey had a point to prove

What's so funny?....Just because you are toilet trained!..(?)

HAHAHAH oh my goodness gracious!! LMAO! made my day!

"Throwing feces, urinating in all directions, pinching, biting, scratching... are all part of being a monkey. And with a monkey comes a lot of mess and, typically, a lot of odor."<br />
<br />
taken from: http://www.blackpineanimalpark.com/pets/index.htm<br />
<br />
Apparently that's normal behaviour for them. I don't think I'll get one as a pet.

LMFAO! the image im getting in my head. monkey, running, pooping, throwing, yelling in monkey language 'in ur face sucker!'.. too funny

hahaha real or not still funny to imagine :D