Simple Recipes

I was reading online, as usual and discovered this.

Well it simply must be shared.

for destry

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absolutely<br />
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see, ep can be a nice place. Depends on what we use it for!<br />
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love and peace<br />

Indeed I have! I love recipe sites :-)

my pleasure, big sis<br />
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I trust that you have subscribed

Oh! I just looked at it again. There are tons of winter recipes. Great find, b.

Well Miss V, my Canadian princess needs lots of love and attention.

yep, but go to the main webpage. There might be a crockpot or even a classic stew. That might work for wintry days.<br />
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What about soup.<br />
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Remember, my summer is ahead and bbq time is here. My dome cooker is waiting to be fired up. I love smoked chicken. Let it cool and cut into strips. serve over a pyramid of lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, etc. dress with a mayo+mustard sauce.<br />
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I make enough smoked chicken for 3 meals. Leftovers go on bread or in a soup or etc.

I just checked out the site, b. Wow! There's a ton of good recipes! Too bad winter is coming here and grilling season is about over! Somehow I just don't enjoy it so much when it's below freezing outside!