I Found True Love

 I never thought that i would find true love. I am a woman that has 4 children and I never truely loved any of the men i had been with. I am 35 years old and it took me that long to find the man of my dreams. He is the only man that can read my moods. He makes me smile all the time. He doesnt want to change anything about me. When we are apart it breakes my heart. He is the most romantice man the i have ever known and he loves my children as if they where his own. He isnt out for himself he is out for all of us. Most men want the perfect woman well i am not and it doesnt bother my man. As long as i am happy he is happy. well that is all for now. thank you for listening to my story.
phippsd89 phippsd89
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2007

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Everyone in the world makes the mistakes you made. Have kids with the wrong guy. Maybe everyone should learn from everyone since they do it all the time. Good for you. Is that all he does? Well mine is very sweet cuz even if I argue & punch him, he still hugs me & kisses me unlike most guys. He does way way more.

Glad you found someone you really love. Most guys don't even go for that perfect women unless he sees her. Most guys can just be happy and in love with what they got.