I Don't Understand Why

it takes one person to turn everyone else against you. smdh. it started with two girls i was once friends with, they were my bffs when i was little and into teenagehood, when all the trouble started. they have managed to put a few girls that i either went to school with or use to be friends with, against me.

now we are in our early 20s and i haven't spoken to them in years. they hated me so much so i decided to leave them alone and start a new life without them. even if that meant being friendless. but they refuse to leave me alone. till this day they prank call my house, curse out my mother or grandmother, whom ever answers the phone. they'll ask to speak to me and next thing you know they are saying crazy things.

one of them even got an old friend of mine whom she turned against me to request me on FB. i accepted her but she never talks to me. she ignores me. i knew right then and there that she only requested me because this girl told her too. my guess is to spy on me and be nosy. the funny thing is that lets call her hilda, and lira. the only reason why they are friends now is because of me. hilda never liked lira. i would always stand up for lira and invite her along. i put hilda several times in her place about respecting my friendship with lira and how she didn't even know her. i told her get to know her. eventually they became friends and hilda turned lira against me. lira stopped talking to me, when me and hilda got into it lira took her side and did exactly what hilda told her to do which was "don't hang out with that stupid B1*tch." and "don't talk to that B."

now years later hilda only uses lira when she wants something (from what i've heard) yet they are besties. i would say hypocriticly besties. lol
the other girl has put my other old classmates against me as well. they are a team and work side by side to destroy me. lol

what i don't get is if you hate me so much why don't you just leave me alone. they have gotten a few people that they saw on my friend list against me recently. tired of the bull and indirect insults and mean comments i deleted my page temporarily. i noticed how much it was stressing me out everytime i realize they had gotten somebody else against me. it was really making me sad. the impotence i felt in that moment was horrible just to know that they are saying who knows what making everyone hate me and i don't even know what they are saying. those people act indifferent tours me and give me a hint or two but i can't really defend myself because they are not telling me straight up, and it just kills me.

why can't they just leave me alone already!? it's been so many years. four years!!!!! almost five!. they are always trying to find out what i am doing and what i do with my life. seriously they should go buy one of those celebrity gossip magazines. their lives are alot more interesting than mines.

sometimes i think it's their guilt that's eating them up inside and so they convice others of their side of the story in a way to convice themselves of their lies and in that moment i bet they actually believe their own lies. i may not know what they are saying exactly but i know it's not true. because i haven't done anything evil enough to deserve this. to make people hate me. they did me wrong yet insist on portraying themselves as the victims. i don't even feel the need to talk about the past because i am over it. when i see an old class mate i never talk about them. ever! and if by chance they bring them up i simply say "i haven't spoken to them" or "i don't know" and quickly change the subject. i don't feel the need to proof anything to anybody especially about something that happend a longgg time ago.

they love gossping about me and using others to see my profile on fb. thank god i deleted my page i feel much more at peace:)
their lives must be really boring and suck big time if they are still thinking about me.
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thnx perseverer i hope i find it one day too. i guess i've ran into the wrong types of people but one day i'm sure this will all be behind me.

What a dreadful web of deceit, distrust, malice and betrayal told here. I most sincerely do not believe that these kinds of relationships are in any way beneficial. When your friendships are ba<x>sed on mutual respect, trust, joyful companionship and heartfelt love it is a very different way to live and I hope you find it.