The Bend

when i was younger, the spot to hang out was just called the Bend.

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sometime or other the state decided it needed to build a new road, further back from the river, and so the old road was closed, except for a small length just down from my house.
the state had left behind a tumble of boulders that formeda rough circle in the middle of the road and as the grass and trees grew back in,
it created the perfect little out of the way place for us to get up to no good.

we had bonfires almost every weekend, and of course we would bring the girls out there to park.
we would drink and smoke, and sometimes fight.
more often than not, all in the same day.

when i was young there wasn't much to keep us out of trouble up in the mountains.
fight, **** and drink was about the sum of it all.
and usually one would lead to the other.

but the Bend was always pretty much neutral ground.
if ya needed someplace to lay low or an out of the way place to settle a score.
the fight started and ended there.

win or lose, you drank a beer together after it was done.
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

We used to have a couple of places we had like that in high school, one was called "Squirrel Creek", and the other was some farmland that one of my friends family owned, we simply called it "The Farm", bonfires, booze, and music at both places. It was always a blast!

We have a place like that here..only its called The Bottoms...I know everything that went on when I was younger now I just don't asked my kids questions about them being

and ya know cuz you was a regular lol