RIP Frank Wolf (Francis Lapoint) 1993-2013

Frank Wolf was Cute. Fragile and vulnerable, androgenous too. He was all things kawaii. Part of the scene.

He died on Nov 25th, apparantly committing suicide.

His pic had been turning up on all sorts of sites, a visual background riding the current of society. He bore an uncanny resemblance to a girl I know and for perhaps that reason he sticks out in my mind. She also happens to be fragile and of great depth and perception with a heart that cares and is so sensitive and vulnerable too. We love her to bits.

But if it was suicide, I fear for what made him unable to cope. Of having to stay afloat on this current of pressure and perceived demands. If only he could have seen outside his box of existance, to another life away from those demands.

From the point of view of the generation before, he was still maturing. It takes years of life experience to be old and cynical like me. But I care, and even though I never met the guy, I know his life was saveable. All lives are.

The thing is to be there in the right amounts, to guide, to let a young life find its own way on its own terms. It is as much a question for those around and above as for the individual. An individual with freedom of choice. All we can do is guide, and hope we guide well.

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Forever in my heart <3<3FrankWolf<3<3

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If he didnt want to be made fun of for looking like a girl amd a huge homo why dress up like one put on make up then post it on facebook if hes dead thays natural selection

He's not dead because of 'natural selection', he's dead because it's people who cannot tolerate people who are different had to be rude to him and push him to the point to take his life. He would've been alive right now if it weren't for that. He was a beautiful boy who didn't deserve to die and be mistreated. Why can't people understand that if a boy wants to wear feminine clothing then he can because it's not hurting anybody. People can't control how their face looks unless he got some kind of surgery. He wanted to post his pictures on Facebook, so what, that was his decision. You're comment was rude and I really hope other people aren't as rude as you because then I hope your 'natural selection' will come through and take care of that. Have a good day.

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There are people want to believe he is still alive and there are those humanoids, i seriously doubt if they carry any resemblance to humans but their silhouette at all, who claimed he was doing this for attention. he is dead, bloodthirsty bullies won again...

He is deceased. Always, it is the vulnerable that suffer. Who should have been helped and could have been.

Thanks for the link, which is the announcement of his death.

There is a book of condolances attached to an announcement in the Montreal Gazette.