Why I Hate God Very Much.

GOD is so very mean to me, and all i ever wanted was to meet the right woman in my life and have a family like so many very lucky people have. instead he gave me a filthy ***** that cheated on me, and i did not do anything wrong for this to happen to me. i was a very caring and loving husband that was very committed to her, since i was a one woman man. now that i go out, i seem to meet very nasty low life loser women instead of a real good honest one. i never realized that GOD could be so very mean to us good innocent people that just want to have a normal life. and now with so many ****** and lesbians out there today, meeting a good straight one will be very hard for us straight good men now. even the straight women out there today have such an attitude problem, and are so very hard to start a normal conversation with. they are ready to call the police on me, and they will tell me to leave them alone. that just shows me how much of these low life diseased infested pig no good women that GOD created today, and it is a real shame that the women that had existed years ago are not around anymore. GOD is certainly a scumbag for doing this to me, and i do blame him for this. why should other men and women be so very fortunate to have a love life and not me? what makes them so very special? i am no different than they are, and i just want my life back again. it became the hardest thing today, trying to find love again for me. this is certainly a very good reason why i will go out every single night, just not to be home alone by myself. the men and women that are very lucky to have each other and have a family, should go to church to pray and thank GOD very much for what they have. it is the men like us that are hurting very badly now, and would have wanted the same thing. it is very true what they say, married men will always live much longer than us single men. and i can clearly see why, since they have a life.
IAmRight55 IAmRight55
46-50, M
Jan 20, 2013