I don't see what's wrong with it!
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I would like to talk to you about sexy stuff.

Yeah I don't see what's wrong with it. I do dressed as school girl cycling and let dirty motorists look up my panties. Nothing wrong with that! Lovely!

feel free to add me and talk to me anytime !!!

sort and to the point like it

I had a friend like that at work. She was very open in a non-vulgar way.

Nothing at all wrong with it.

The only thing wrong with this is you are alone! On the beach.

Oh how I wish that were true.

Me niether. I always talk freely about sexual things. It caused me to have my boss pull me aside and talk to one day. He said he understood my views, but some of the other females in the office were uncomfortable with some of my talk. So now I just dress sexy all the time.

your a teaser ! for sure -- lol

While I do see why we should have some restraint in the general public, EP is a great place to talk about all the sexual, crazy, absurd things we do but can't share with anyone else.

That's what I'm here for.

There isn't anything wrong with it.