Very Busy Day

overseas where the young marines are plenty and the shortage of sexually adventuresome senuous women to fulfill the needs of strong hard a exhilerating playground for me.  I also contend that the greatest contribution that the Japanese has given us is the love motel.  They are so discreet, clean, fun...every fantasy filled with a rate that is cost effective to the hours of carnel pleasure.  I met my good friend at 1000 at my favorite hotel....tall as hell...we get to the room...kissing each other slowly and continuing down our bodies as the clothes start to peel off....the intensity is getting stronger as our open mouths ...tongues swirling and darting wanting, lusting for every taste.  He takes cahrge...and pushes me to the large plush bed....I gasp with he engulfs my body with his.  Feeling his strong hard body pushing into me as he reaches down and rubs my ***...moaning softly in my ear...he whispers...."are u ready to be taken?"...I moan with sheer pleasure as I respond with a hard passionate kiss....he thrusts hard into me as we both start moaning and breathing so heavy.  He thrusts in deep and out slowly...his pace quickens as we are both feel the electricity that is between us....he stops suddenly and turns me over and grabs my hips and violently pushes into my ***....and starts pumping my *** as we both scream with delight....I reach down and take my **** into my fore finger and thumb...rolling it as he continues thrusting my ***....I feel him getting very hard, and his body tensing up as he is about to he starts pushing into me hard deep thrusts I start to climax with him.  the electricitythat pulsated thru our bodies made us convulse into a heap on the bed....when he showered and left I went outside and saw another friend....we looked at each other and we knew we had we went up to a new room....animalisticly ripped our clothes off....he bent down and started sucking on my ****....he moaned as I started pushing my hips into body was on fire as he got up....kissed me and went into the bathroom....filled the whirlpoolwith hot sudsy water.....he washes me all over....kissing me hard....I have to take him in my mouth...sucking him as hard as a rock....he leans back as I suck him hard....then he pulls me up....and lifts me up on his lapand penetrates me as we sit in the whirlpool...he takes me so hard ...multiple timesas I leave my fav place...I start for home...get a message from a good friend that wants me....since hubby was gone...I invite him over at the I pull up...he is there waiting on me....I let him in....and he takes me on the couch in the front room....rips my pants down and pushes in me hard as I sat on his lap....he stays for a couple hours....all over the house...every hole was filled multiple times....once we were both spent...we fell asleep in my bed....till later......
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

I love the Japanese Love Hotel. Been many times while I lived in Japan. And you do it justice here! Well done!

Nice! Too bad there are no love hotels in Dallas...