in the middle of the night...I roll into him...softly sleeping...I put my arm around him, get up close and smell how exciting he is.  I start caressing his neck and shoulders....massaging his back.  I find it very hard to keep my hands off of him.  He stirs to my sensual touch.  I start softly kissing the nape of his neck...softly moaning.  nibbling in his ear...i say  " let me take u..."as I finish my coooo.....his soft lips meet mine in a very warm passionate kiss
He rolls over and I straddle his body...lean down and kiss him, as I start stroking his very hard ****.  He lays in the soft moonlight peering thru the glassdoors of my room....he never opens his eyes...just lays there enjoying my mouth all over him.  No words are said...just soft moaning between us.  I straddle his chest and pull his arms over his head...pinning him down.  He opens his eyes to mine intently hungerily kissing him.  Our bodies get more and more intense with desire...I start to lean up and pull my wanting wet ***** up to his wanting mouth.   His hard tongue darts in and out faster and faster as my **** starts throbbing and I squirt sweet *** in his mouth.  He greedily sucks it up as I am riding his face.  He suddenly wiggled his arms loose from my grip...and grabs my arms and threows me down on the bed...the intense animalistic gaze makes me gasp with pleasure as he hisses....It is your turn ....I am going to **** your brains out....he pulls my arms over my head....straddles me quickly and plunges hard and fast into me...gasping I about explode again....he thrusts hard and feverishly fast...his short breaths as he continues to devour every inch of me....he then goes down and pulls me close as he continues to his assault on is so hot and passionate....we both arch back and yell loudly as we *** together...feeling his throbbing pulsating **** filling my exhilerated *****....he then kisses me tenderly ...gets off and rolls me over and sppons me into sleep.....
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Wow very erotic

AS a Primal Naturist Male-I thot I was reading my Ways. (except I pur when I go off into the experience) I miss a Female in my life right now- Just a Male rouging till a wonderful Female finds me again. Wish me luck since these "stand-ins" are really not that great.

Hi Grey,<br />
<br />
You clearly have a knack for this!

wow you have talent!