First Meet With My Dom

i have so many stories to share and this one is a story of my first meeting with my dom:

we met online and chatted online for quite awhile, we talked of him dominating me and gaining total mind control over me...its hot and erotic to give your mind over to someone and total surrender to him. he told me to go to this hotel, walk in and open the curtains (top floor) get undressed and stand in front of the window after i put on a blindfold and await his arrival. i was told to have my arms to my side and i was not allowed to say or touch until told to do so. i'm standing there thinking to i stupid???? what if this guy is a killer or something...**** happens. i'm also excited because i have no idea what to expect, its intense..i hear him come in and he doesn't say a word, he closes the curtains and takes my hand and has me stand im guessing in the middle of the room.

he walks away cuz i can hear his movements...all of a sudden i feel him with just a finger stroke my breast...omg wow that smallest of touches was the most erotic most electrifying touch i have ever felt in my life....all your senses are so intune and so on high alert that it makes your skin extremely sensitive to touch. he would run his hands down my arms to my fingers, then touch my *** ever so lightly...then i felt his mouth on my nipples and lightly sucking on them. ohhhhhh man its intense...can't explain it any more then intense.

he would stand in front of me enough so i could feel his hardness against me and that was arousing in itself just feeling his **** against my belly, his hot breath on my chest...he took me to the bed and pushed me down on it and began to eat me...he had toys and used the toys on me, we ****** all night for hours. the blindfold did come off and i was allowed to suck on his **** and balls...lick his *** and enjoy his body as he did mine. he was also the very first to ever make me squirt...he could do it in less then a minute and i couldn't believe it. never thought i could squirt and he did it in it seemed amazing

this story is getting long so i'll stop here but wow what an intense night...i was probably stupid to meet for the first time in a hotel but oh is what it is
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

You and your story are hot.Id like to be your friend.Id love to eat *** out of your ***** and lick it off your *** .I had a female dom in the past .Id like a male dom now. Id love to be a total bottom submissive to a man.And make me service his friends

I too had a little remorse when I met total strangers in little or unknown places to be bound and used. Like you said, it is what it is.

I agree it was scarey, even for a guy, it was total submission to a complete stranger.

Once you are cuffed and hooded and chained down there is no turning back. I always had no safe words and no limits but I found out that first time what my limits were and they were ignored. I never knew I was THAT ticklish or that easily aroused.

Shhh! Gonna do it again Tuesday. No safe words. No mercy. Truth be told, I'm getting aroused just thinking of it!

I'd love to. I may post as a story here. I was kind of afraid you'd be offended. That's why I didn't push it.