3 Some For A Friends Birthday...his First

heres another one for you....my girlfriend and i have a mutual friend...he actually hooked me and her up cuz he knew both of us and knew we both wanted to make friends and play....of course we hit it off and have been best friends and all 3 of us have been good friends for about 4 yrs now....anywho i digress

its his birthday and we both know he hasn't had a 3 some...so of course we take him to a bar. everyone there knew what he was gonna get that night cuz we made it obvious to all there who was watching...we were in the middle of the room.

i would kiss him fully on the mouth sitting on his lap, then i'd get off him and my gf would take his lap and kiss him fully...then she would sit by him on his other side where then she and i would reach across him and kiss each other...of course feeling each others **** while doing so. then all 3 of us would kiss each other together...all 3 tongues caressing...mmmmm hot and arousing.

we would go dance together very suggestively and naughty. they went out to dance a song i didn't like and as i sat there this hot guy comes up and asks me if we swing and he was scared to ask...he asked me not to hit him for asking..i had to laugh cuz it was so sweet. i told him we are giving him his birthday present and we just love to play.

to say the least we went home and i'm sure he was the envy of any guy there and probably alot of the women were pissed cuz of our display as we know alot of women just don't have an open mind to this.

to make a long story short he had a wonderful time fuckikng and sucking both of us...we sucked him together, one would sit on his face as the other was on his **** ******* him then we would switch places. we bent over the bed and he was able to **** one then the other then back and forth until he exploded...what a great night and yes we have done alot of "firsts" for guys we know and have met and we love every second of it
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12 Responses Dec 6, 2012

loved it

will u do my bd ?lol ;)

birth day


you're an angel where you at on my birthday

yes you did but maybe this year I'll get lucky

Think how hot it would be for two to Dominate the third taking turns being the submissive. That would be fun...best of both worlds!

You can take my turn then.

I picked this story first as my birthday is on the 14th. I sure would love to run into you and make it a birthday to remember. You are an absolute blast.

You are more than welcome.

That was a B'day that he will remember for the rest of his life! You rock!

Great story..you are a wonderful friend!

My birthday is coming up! ;)

Yes! Ido! My birfday (as we people from Detroit say) is January 14th. Maybe if I wish real hard. . .

wow hot story

So hot. Thanks for sharing. What an awesome friend you are! I think that you are everymans fantasy. ;)

I clearly have the wrong friends! Sounds life a fun night!

What a great present!!!!! I was thinking of myself in his place and now I can't stand up without embarassing myself! You are a wonderful friend indeed!! Oh, that every guy could have a friend like you!!!!

I'd love to be counted in your group of friends! I love to make women happy; does that qualify me?

Sounds like fun for all and a Very Happy Birthday for him. Thanks for sharing.