Sex Is Normal, Sex Is Good!

There are some who believe that 'Original Sin' was having sex! Were Adam and Eve married? After all, she was both his sister and his daughter. Where did Cain and Abel get their wives if these girls were not also their sisters?

Was ****** acceptable in the times of the Patriarchs, and before the Deluge of Noah's days? When did our attitudes change?

There are many things which we need to discover about all things, including sex, which a careful investigation does bring the fruit of answers, if we choose to look. The freedom to think, to talk of these things is essential.
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Excellent points, I've studied sexuality and theology and love the discussion. Fascinating topics for sure.

I have been asking the question of where did Cain and Abels wives come from for many years. I still haven't gotten a straight answer. Sex was never nor is it now a sin. To infer it was would be to say we were never meant to reproduce.

Quite true! - There is a lot more to sexual thought, feeling, and behavior than the bible reveals, but it does raise some interesting questions as you point out. Some cultures have very different sexual ideas and practices that would land them in jail in this country but are expected in theirs. My perspective is that sexual inhibition and/or restriction is purely a cultural overlay and has nothing to do with the reality of that most basic motivation and practice among we humans.

Interesting story I heard that in ancient times the Roman public baths were all uni-sex. No one ever thought to separate the genders until some wife of some Emperor decided it was "unclean" for men and women to bathe together. So she got him to decree there must be separate baths, and, unfortunately it became the custom, and the law and custom persisted long after they were both dead.