Aint been here in a while,
Been outta the game,
But its time to put this muthafuckin life to shame,
Wanna know what i been doin - i been scratchin my arms,
No i aint a ****** retard,
They told me i wasnt pretty,
They told me i wasnt smart,
All ill ever mount up to be,
Is little toy barb-ie dol,
Life aint even better since i left,
It just got worse,
Cause there aint nobody to converse,
So when i came back hopin for a little support,
Ill i saw was my old gang,
They been put to shame,
Dont wanna admit it but they loosin their fame,
What happend to the group that had eachothers back,
No matter where they,
They had eachothers back,
To hold thir hat,
To dis a rat,
To make a rap together cause we were al we had,
Now i came back,
And e'ry body gone,
An i as i look through their new songs,
They only rapin bout drugs and sex and banging girls then doin p90x,
Lets give her a whirl!
Dont dont get me wrong i still love you but i hate watchu doin,
I just want my gang back!
The one where if i was a struggeling b!tch that,
They would bring me back,
They would help me deal with crap,
Well now im all alone,
Tryin to finish strong,
But i need you,
Yeah bro i need you!
You know who you are,
So dm,
Before this goes to far..
Smilz2012 Smilz2012
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Nice ill pm you mine

I didt know you rapped but sounds good