Maybe This Should Be "i'm French Kissed By Someone"

Last weekend I attende a family reunion, I arrived a little late and the party was already settled. So I went through the house just to say hello to everyone. After saying hello to everyone in my Uncle's livingroom and kitchen, I went upstairs to see my 14 year old cousin. He was playing on his x-box in his room. I walked up to him and grabbed him from behind in a very warm embrace. When I let him go, he normally runs away.... but this time he turned around and kissed me on the mouth and stuck his tongue in......although I didn't participate actively in it, he was french kissing me.....

At 22 I didn't really know what to say, of course I didn't want to kiss with my 14 year old cousing but I didn't want to hurt him.

After a couple of seconds I pushed him away, said something stupid like 'you shouldn't do that' and left the room.   

Now he is ashamed to look at me......

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All of us do stupid things, tell him that he'll find someone special one day, but don't ashame him, because it will hurt him even more.<br />
We learn from our mistakes - something that normal animals can't do. And that's what makes us human.

Poor boy I am sure he was really embarrassed! At least his first kiss was with someone who cared about him...

we are on speaking term again... he confessed to me what his feelings were..... He thought he really was in love with me...By now he knows better...

wow. I have Deju Vu with your comment on kissing coursins(emerald). Someone said that to me.

Now that he is too ashamed to be around you. Perhaps this is a good time to approach him in a non threatening type of manner and explain why you feel it is inappropriate for anyone to do such a thing, regardless of the age. That this type of behaviour is very personal and that if he was feeling this way he could bring up the subject about his feelings in the future without being judged. He is at the age where spontaneous actions like this happen because of the fear of being rejected as a person. So perhaps in his mind he figures just do it and deal with the fall out later. Don't forget he is not matured emotionally to handle how to deal in such a personal manner and needs some verbal coaching about how to treat girls or women. I think a little talk with him may help him understand how it was not right for him to do this and that you were shocked but that you felt sort of special that he would think of you in this way. Not to condone his actions though. He is confused and still fighting with inner emotions that boys his age go through. You are mature enough to explain the rights and wrongs and maybe mentor him when he has questions about how he can treat his future girlfriends and that it will all be confidential. Allow him to gain some comfortable trust with you so at least he is not ashamed to be at family gatherings in the future should you both be there. I wish you good luck and that things can work out in favour of the both of you.

im sorry but maybe u should tell him that YR COUSINS!

more kissed cousin....

So this is what they mean by kissing-cousins!