Don't Make The Same Mistake I Did

I was PERSUADED into kissing this boy. He was nice, but not my type, AT ALL! He liked me and kept coming at me for months! He even got me gifts and I wasn't that into it.. So basically he was extremely persistent, and it became kind of obvious that he was desperate. I mean, I was a freshman and he was a junior! A junior that was shorter than me as a matter of fact (not to insult anyone, but my personal preference is taller people). And I guess I felt really bad and guilty, cuhs he'd always be like crying over me... and so we went to the movies. And then he STOLE my first kiss. I didn't want to at first, but it felt really good... anyways I just stopped talking to him cold because he was really obsessive and spread rumors about me, talked about me TO EVERYONE like literally even people he barely met, tried to get close to my friends. And it worked, my OWN friends saw me differently. I wanted to transfer because I was sick of all the bs.. but it didn't work so whatever i just stopped talking to him and ignored him. Basically I just realized I don't need to depend on anyone, and I should have waited for the RIGHT guy to come along and take my first kiss. He wasn't worth it then, isn't worth it now. He's a senior now, and he's still hitting on every girl he meets. I just completely hate him now, which i shouldn't because he IS nice, but he's way more a girl than me... so it was partly my fault, but he's stupid anyways so idec adjfhlkdajkdsa LOL okay seriously though, my advice: wait for it, don't rush, AND DON'T FEEL GUILTY FOR REJECTING SOMEONE because THEY HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH IT AND MOVE ON (he kept going at it for MONTHS and is now still clinging on to me. He says he "loves" me, but hunnyyyy booboo we all just know you want those fairy tale true loves which ain't the real world) okay yeah sorry i'm just really mad at myself for letting myself be convicted of that and feeling guilty and leading him on BECAUSE i felt guilty. Okay lesson learned lulz
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

So, ignore this old guy drivel, but I'm confused here. All the good things you say about this guy you completely hate, who took the heat of dating an -- ack -- freshman b/c he saw you as the right one, spent his money respecting you, introduced you to serious kissing (which you say you enjoyed once you got the message), and told others how good you made him feel. Sorry, not feeling your pain here, not sure who learned the lesson or what the lesson was ... sometimes the "real world" isn't that important, really. When you talk about hate for no reason, I'm wondering if you are scared of seeing yourself seriously hooked on someone who treats you with respect -- and what if he really does love you?

Trust me.. everyone I've talked to on my team has been hit on by the same guy. It's very obvious that he's over doing things..