And I Will Do It Again and Again...

I love to kiss and if a guy can kiss me well I am going to be all over him and wanting so much more.  A French kiss is one of the sexiest things a man can do.  I love the taste, the feel, the texture of it all.  I love the way he makes his tongue dance with mine starting off soft and gentle and becoming more fierce as we continue as if he can’t get enough of my mouth.  All I have to say is more please baby.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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10 Responses Aug 3, 2008

That is a good scenario.

MMMM it is the closeness and being lost in the moment.

I was always curious about this... I do not know the attraction of kissing let alone french kissing, and no one seems to try and explain it to me.


What????? ...........What?????????????.............I didn't feel a thing.......sigh

:) mmm

MMM sounds interesting. Wanna play?

how do you feel about using the tounge to trace teeth and other actions during a french kiss.

MMMM it is and it was... I have one more person in mind that I neede his kiss. I hopefully will get that in September lol.

Sounds dreamy.