Best Dance Ever

I first frenched someone on the dancefloor when I was fifteen. The guy I kissed I had met exactly three days before, and learned his name only that night. Let me explain.

I joined band second semester, having no idea what I was getting myself into. The first basketball game of the season was the Friday after I started, and I was supposed to know all the music by then. Luckily I met Andrew, who helped me out with the music. The Friday of the game, I met him early in the band room so he could help me get set up, and I finally asked for his name, just because I didn't know it and felt embarrassed.

After the game, there was an informal dance in the cafeteria. Since Andrew had helped me out so much with my music, when he asked me to dance I was glad to. Next thing I knew he and I were getting VERY close, he had his hands all over me, and I was definitely not objecting.

When my friend and her date wanted to get some water, Andrew and I went with them. My friends date (who was a good friend of Andrew's) took me aside and told me I had to kiss Andrew. When I responded with "What? Tonight? What?!" he just said "Yeah tonight, what did you think?" Of course I agreed; I was having a lot of fun with Andrew.

Once we got back out on the dance floor, a slow song came on. I turned around so I was facing Andrew and we started dancing. A few seconds later I put my forehead on his, and looked him in the eyes. Then he kissed me, and I kissed him back. But then he opened his mouth a little, and started pushing his tongue inside mine...I didn't know what to do! I figured I might as well just do what he was doing, and it turned out it wasn't that bad, in fact, it was excellent.

We spent the rest of the night making out on the dancefloor with everyone watching. On Monday he asked me out, after that day I even had SENIORS asking me if we were dating yet.

Tyler Tyler
3 Responses Jul 26, 2006

Cool, I know my fist kiss was also a french kiss! it's like whoa....I like it, lol.

This story makes me happy. Reminds me of my first time. :)

Aww thats so cute - I bet you were so happy :)