An Average Day

almost every day i get on the train to go to work one day some old dude was standing behind me. But this wasn't just any guy this was Carl he is a regular costumer at the pizza shop. I thought nothing of it i was just thinking "hay...sup" then suddenly i felt something on my butt. I've been through this several times so i knew it was someone's hand but i didn't think it was his. i mean i may have "seduced" him into to buying an extra soda but i didn't go too far. he went on then lift up my skirt. he kept going then began to pull down my panties ans started fingering my ***** and i *** very quickly so sure enough i had a great big climax all over the floor of the subway floor!!!

not your average groping story now is it
Lacy0987654321 Lacy0987654321
13-15, F
6 Responses Jan 10, 2013

thanks for sharing*

Dam sounds not only like you enjoyed it but you would let him do it again????

Your a teenager? I doubt you allowed that

you are not alone

who is this Carl guy and why am i only hearing about this now

you know Carl the fat one

and why must you get so jealous

because they're all taking away your innocence

and you haven't?



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Umm Im 17 and u climax that quickly... Awesome haha but r u cute

i never realy thought about if im cute or not my bf sais i am..... im 14 and wear a D-cup bra if that means anything

Damn ur boobs must be pretty big for ur age then. I would love to feel ..

she is