Friend Pooped In Plastic Pants

This story happened when i had just turned thirteen. I never had many friends as a child mostly by choice because of my experimenting/obsession with pants pooping. I guess my best friend at that time was a beautifull girl called linda i have to admit i had a secret crush on her, but she was straight so----, anyway this one particular day i was over at her house, my left arm was in a cast thanks to my father breaking it for me. This had only happened a day before so i was still getting used to the fact that i couldnt really do much, it was while we were listening to some tunes in her room and doing girl stuff (you know dissing teachers planning to take over the world etc) that i suddenly needed to poop it actually came on really strong, i mentioned to linda my problem she laughed and said "want me to wipe your bum?" "you might have to" and then "linda i might need some help undoing my jeans" she followed me to the bathroom, now my arm still hurt it was supposed to be in a sling as well but i thought i looked like a dork with it on so i refused to wear it. It was here that i got my secret wish to see lindas private areas but it came in around about way not the way i was hoping. We got to the bathroom just as linda was helping me with my jeans i lost control of my bowels and messed my pants compleatly, i burst into tears, linda hugged me for a moment saying "hey kid its ok accidents happen dont cry come on iam gonna help you clean up" she pulled my jeans down and i held onto her as i stepped out of them she threw them into the sink then she slowely pulled down my white cotten panties, she eyed my smelly mess "phew mellisa your a stinky girl arent you" she said laughing (see i told you i was a stinky girl he he) through tears i started laughing too, again i held onto her as she helped me out of my messy panties again she threw thoes into the sink as well. Linda begun to fill the tub "just stand in the tub and i will help clean you up as best i can " i nodded and thanked her (by now the bathroom stunk really bad) it was while i was washing my self with my one good arm linda went back to her room "wont be a moment i want to show something to you" she said slyly, i carried on with the clean up. A few moment later she reappeard wearing nothing but a pair of pink plastic panties bikini style (this was where i begun my love affair with plastic panties and diapers ) i started to laugh "oh my god linda where did you get thoes from"? allready my ***** was getting exited at seeing her nearly naked "oh my mom got me these ages ago i had a bed wetting problem a year or so ago" she went bright red as she said that "mellisa you wont tell anyone at school --right?" i promised. She stood near me looking at me still in the bathtub and suddenly i saw a strained look on her face she grunted and strained again, and then she turned around just in time for me to see her fill her pink plastic panties with a soft mushy poo, she had her hands on her hips and grunted loudly each time  another poop would emerge from her gorgeous tight little bum (ok i was really getting turned on by now, actually just thinking about it iam getting hot even now) she turned back towards me with a huge grin on her face "see mellisa your not the only one who has accidents" as she said accidents she made quotation marks with her hands (yes i hate that too). Linda pulled down her plastic pants a huge light brown mess had covered the inside of them, a faint smell omitted from them, she was now naked and i finally got to see lindas little ***** a nice one a small black thatch of hair growing down below. she climbed into the tub with me and begun her clean up, and me??? i allmost climaxed there and then. T o this day i have often wondered if i should have asked linda if she too loved pants pooping, i have a feeling she might have but at the time i was too embarrased to ask and to be honest my mind was going a mile a minit i had discovered a new pants pooping thing plastic pants and diapers.  Now just to clarify something here yes i wore diapers when i was younger during the day i gradually stopped wearing them, finally as i got older my mom took all of them away saying if i wet my bed or pants iam the one washing them, i hated doing laundry so i made a really great effort not to wet my self.

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you wrote a book

OH YEAH hes that and something else all right, hes mostly why i wrote that book to expose him for what he did.

What a story... I don't think Linda would've done that if she wasn't a pants-pooper too.<br />
<br />
By the way, your father sounds like a real gem.