Friendships Turn Crazy With Drama And Must Be Ended....

 I have very few people I can talk to. I have a friend that I used to work with, she is gay. she has a partner of 20 yrs who is manic depressive bipolar, heavily medicated on disability, doesnt drive or work outside of the house.  my friend and I used to carpool to work and would chat when she dropped me off at my house, my boyfriend at the time and her partner were both jealous of our friendship.  I assured them that we are both female and I am STRAIGHT so there was nothing to worry about. Over the past year my relationship ended due to his rageaholic ways, bad debt, poor spending habits, 3 kids with 2 diff women and a restraining order from a previous girlfriend.... anyway, my friend is very generous, overly generous.  I was in a serious depression this past summer and we spent a lot of time together, she would make dinner and have me join her and some family.  I have always been clear with her that we are friends.  her partner tends to sleep a lot, 20 hrs a day, and I am busy on the go, like to do things and go places and see things, so we hung out a lot.  her partner was invited to almost everything we ever did, but would back out or go and ruin it.  trying ot make a long story short... my friend decided that she wants to have a sex change, is taking testosterone, and has become closer to me.  I went away for a weekend, she gave me a card saying htat she would miss me and a gift card in it, when I came home I found bags of groceries and food that she cooked for me along wiht a dozen roses... I have tried to distance myself from her.  we (a group of 5 women) had been planning to rent a house for a vaca, the rental car was in my name, and it was a **** show.  my friend and her partner were there as well as 2 other straight women and myself.  by the end of the week there was so much drama, apparently my friend was telling the other two women to sit with her partner so she could sit with me or near me in restaurants and in the car.  the partner was crying to the other women behind my back that their 20 yr relationship was over because the friend is "in love" wiht me .... it all came to a head by the end of the week and  Ididnt know whether to **** or go blind. apparently she is obsessed iwht me, others say she is possessive. she tries to be the center of communication, so she filters all communication with the friends that we have in common. we go to the same gym. last week they broke up, I got a nasty msg on FB from a person  Idont know, telling me that I am a home wrecker, i give women a bad name, and that I ruined a 20 yr relationship as well and its my fault that the friend is havign a sex change... i cant deal with the bull.  I have deleted her as a friend on FB, but dont want to have to go to a diff gym, i am sick of the drama and just want some PEACE..Its like starting all over again, trying to make some new friends, and to free myself so that appear to be a single straight woman, as opposed to a lesbian in a relationship. thanks for letting me vent about all of this!!!

peacefulone peacefulone
36-40, F
Mar 9, 2010