Saw My Friends Mom Naked While Helping Her.

One day I went to my friends house and his mom asked me to help her put some things in the attic. I was around 15 at the time. this was a early Sunday morning, so she still had on her sexy silk night gown with no bra or panties on. so I go get the boxes she needs and bring them upstairs to where the attic is. As she climbs up the attic ladder and I look up to pass a box up, I seen all of her naked sexiness. I got so hard that my **** started bulging out my basketball shorts. As I pass up the last box she moved her leg just right for me to see her sexy juicy wet ***** lips open. Immediately after I went straight to the bathroom and came while I envisioned her phenomenally sexy body.
Sauceeaa Sauceeaa
22-25, M
Jan 7, 2013