Friends With Benefits

I'm 33 years old and my wife is 28. We have been together for 6 years now. We are in an open but loving relationship. We love each other dearly but we like to have sex with others. Safe sex only though. We have our own rules for each other though. I can have one single female friend that I can have sex with just me not her. I can also have a male friend withe benefits all to myself too. My wife gets to have the same thing too. We also get to find a couple that can join us in bed for fun too. full swap kind of fun. So far out of 4 years in Vegas we have found only one couple and it was a horrible experience. the woman pulled a dead fish on me and just laid there and did nothing not even made a sound while i had sex with her and the man just glared at me while he was on top of my wife having sex with her. My wife was able to find a man once. He was a virgin and was so nervous with it being his first time that he could not keep himself erect. All in fear of not being able to do a good job and impressing my wife. My wife was understanding and did not make fun of him but he felt embarrassed any how and never came back.
I had better luck finding women willing to have sex with me. But that dies not mean good luck in finding a good friend withe benefits. Not women or men. So far I have had sex with 4 women and each and everyone of them want me to give them money afterward. Now these women are not prostitutes but apparently want to get paid for sex like one all of a sudden for this situation. So each of them I gave them some money and told them that the idea of friends with benefits with them is no longer appealing because of that demand for money. So not going to happen again ever.
The idea is to find someone that wants to have sex. Be friends but have sex for fun. No financial gain from it. Just pure carnal fun. But I don't know if it is my taste in women or if every woman in Vegas strives or fantasizes of getting paid for sex. My wife has not gotten jealous at all about me having sex with any of these women. Just pissed that each of them wanted money afterward. Hell if I wanted a prostitute I can make a call and could have had women much much more beautiful than them come over and have sex with me for money. But I don't like the idea of paying for sex at all ever.
Kinda sad. But It is Las Vegas. The Sin City. City of sins corruption and crime and gambling. LOL. Hell we got cops here that blatantly commit more crimes than the criminals. My wife and I don't live in a very nice neighborhood. Wish we could live somewhere nicer but cant afford more than what we have which is the Las Vegas ghetto. Drugs sold in every home in every direction around us. It is primarily a black neighborhood. I'm not racist by the way. I actually get along with all of them. I'm the only white dude in the neighborhood but also the only white dude that is not a cop they know that has a Licence to carry a gun and actually carries it every time I leave the house. So they see me as the white dude that carries the big .45 in a hip holster out in the open. Not someone to mess with lol.
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what neighborhood do you guys live in? I'm down to just be friends with benefits.

I'm looking for a couple since mine left this summer. Let's email and see if we can click