Is There More To This Or Am I Just Imaging?

At a point in my life where I wasn't really wanting the demands of a serious relationship, I met this guy online for a Friends With Benefits kind of arrangement. I asked if we could meet first and there was an instant attraction for both of us. Sex with him was AMAZING from the first time and has just gotten better each time. Not just physically...we've connected on different levels because we have so much in common. Lately though, I think it might be developing into more. Not because he's asked me out or calls every night or anything like that but there's been more kissing during sex, he held my hands during sex the last time, has fallen asleep afterwards or lain beside me talking for over an hour, and lingers a little longer stealing kisses when it's time for him to leave. He is an amazing man and I would like to possibly explore a relationship. The problem is I don't want to blow what I have know by reading more into this than what is there. So tell me, EP, am I making too much ado about nothing?
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1 Response May 7, 2012

just keep communicating,, give it some more time,, might end up great !!,, good sex is the glue that keeps a good relationship togather,,