He Said "its Only For Fun" I Said "no Strings Attached"

I met this guy in the pub..i was drunk and so he was. i guess i was too flirty that night coz i haven't really been out for a while and as my friend told me "let your hairdown girl!" so i did!
then this guy came and chat with me. anyways, its dance and kiss the next thing i knew and invited me to his place.
I didnt sleep over in his place that night but i clearly remember he invited me for a dinner in his place but before that we exchange numbers.
Went to his place, after the wine and dinner, a little chat and there goes the sex part.
I think he was being precautious as we all know, us women has the tendency to fall first in a hook-up thing. We are both stranger with each other that we ended up in bed. so he said "I would like to make it clear that this is only for fun and i dont want a relationship". Since i don't know him either "No strings attached is okay for me coz i do not want to be in a relationship either".
This is the first time i agree on this term coz of the thrill and maybe because I've been to a bad relationship before..i lost trust about intimate relationship. so we continue to sleep together, see each other sometimes 3x or 4x a week which is confusing. We go out for coffee, brunch, dinner (which he usually put food on my plate first) or walk in the malls together. We watch movies too. if anybody sees us, will think were couples but we are not.
Then just very recent, while im at his place, my eyes caught the photo of a girl with him sticked on his fridge! then I noticed a women sunglasses too in the kitchen! the next day i asked him.."Is that photo on the fridge means i have to back off now coz you have a girlfriend?' he says NO. That girl is a friend and she has a boyfriend and stop thinking too much.... that affected me now and i don't know anymore if i should continue this Friends with Benefit thing at all. its been 4 months and i know, deep inside i am falling with this guy who BTW, told me a month back that he needed space and after 3 days, he message me and we hook up again.
Should i ended it now whilst it still early or follow some friends advice to make him fall for me and give it another couple of months and see where it leads...

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