Me And Helena

2 years ago I was with this girl named Helena. We didn't really date but it seemed like we did.

It was like an opened relationship. She was dating another guy the same time she took it

liking me. I heard that her boyfriend is one of those jealous types. Anyways we never had

sex. Anytime we saw each other we hang out at a friends house, at the mall, or went to church.

All we did was hold hands, make out and that was it. I thought I had a good thing going for her

but I was wrong. Out of the blue she was caught having phone sex with some guy who lives in

Fort Wayne, Indiana. She said she did it bcz she said that I used her for sex and I know that

I didn't. She said that she just wanted to be plain friends with me. I tried it and there she goes again

trying to cause trouble but only this time she sents her boyfriend after and acts she had nothing to do with it.

And when I found out that she didn't like me anymore the whole entire time when she was busted having

phone sex. I'm like "I'm giving up" on trying to find a girlfriend forever. It was like I died and went to Hell.

Most Girls think I'm ugly.

DeeJayKelvin DeeJayKelvin
18-21, M
Feb 17, 2010