Friends Flashing Boobs

About 5 years ago i went to a music festival with about 8 mates. All of us male. after arriving and setting up our tents and getting the beers out a group of 5 girls started setting up on the pitch next to us. After watching them struggle for a bit a few of us went over  and helped them put their tents up. we got talking and our two groups spent a bit of time together that weekend.

On the saturday there was about 5 bands in a row on the main stage that we all wanted to see. So not wanting to pay £3 per can by the stage we set about drinking as much as we could before we had to walk to the main stage for the 1st band. By 11 am we were all very drunk and some of the girls decided that as it was a nice day that they would wear their bikini/underwear wrapped in red bin bags(they give these bags out to fill with rubbish and trade for beer) needless to say these girls could look good in a bin bag. We each grabbed a beer for the walk and headed to the main stage

After the first band finished a few of us decided to head to the bar. After being served we re grouped to find it was just me and the 2 girls in the bin bags and 1 girl (lets call her Jenna)  without bin bags. (i also forget to mention i was wearing a very fetching binbag bandana). maybe feeling left out, Jenna, without any bin bags decides she wants to join in and without hesitation take of her  t-shirt to reveal he 34ds in a purple bra. she then fashions a corset like creation with the binbag to complete the look. This must of got us some attention from the crowd as a group of lads come over talk to us. After a few minutes talking i look round to find that (lets call her) hannah was having her photo taken with some of the lads. the lads then offer her £2 to flash her boobs. without hesitation she pockets the £2 and pulls down her bra to show her left breast. (id guess 32c) the lad cups her boob with his hand and his mate takes a picture. I take a cheeky snap myself. another lad pays £2 and gets a similar pic. the lads leave and the four of us get back together and start to laugh. she still hadnt but her breast away so i cheekily ask if i can have a feel. she agrees and i have  good feel of her very firm pert breast. after what seemed an eternity she still hadnt pulled away so feeling confident i leaned in and had a good suck on her nipple she began to giggle and i pulled away not wanting to draw too much attention to us.

We then made a half hearted attempt to find the rest of our group but gave up as the crowd was too large. More groups in the crowd had noticed us and came over 1 by 1 all wanting a bit of action. the girls had their price though. most of the guys came over for a long kiss or to reach down their tops. some wanted pictures. i offered to stay with them for "protection" in exchange for freebies which they agreed to. I wasted no time in getting a kiss from hannah, jenna and the 3rd girl sam.  Jennas bin bag corset had become damaged beyond repair so i helped her out of it and back in to her tshirt but not before having a rumage in her bra and "accidentally  pulling her breasts out. Hannah and sam wanted to experiment with 3way kisses and i was only to happy to ablige .

We began to move around now. the girls had collected nearly £40 each by selling themselves. it was getting dark now and the headline act were due on (not that i had paid much attention to the music). going to find a place to stand some lads stopped sam and offered her £12 to have her picture with them whilst 1 lad stuck his hand up her *****. she agreed and i watched with my tongue handing out.

we went and sat down on the grass. hannah began complaining she felt sick after so much booze. jen took her back to their tent leaving me and sam. both of us blind drunk. someone had spreyed their water bottle up sam skirt and had soaked her knickers. i offered to check for her and had a really good feel. i asked if i could take a picture of her ****. she said take one of my *** and rolled over. i pulled her skirt up. she was wearing red knickers. i pulled up her crack to give the effect of a thong and snapped away. she sat back up and i put my hand down her to. i said ive seen  hannah and jens boobs today im just missing yours. i was rubbing her nipples at this point i pulled her top up exposing her breasts and snaped them. damn the camera missed them. i told her and this time she pulled her top up and i got the shot. they were a pert 32b. we watched the show and staggered back to camp to meet everyone else. they were all curious where we had been all day :) i showed the lads the pics in the morning. they couldnt believe it.

Ill post the pictures on here for you all to see :)

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It would be amazing to see them mate

sounds awesome. lets see the pics

sounds like ya had a blast and am looking forward to viewing the pics!