All of my life I have wrapped myself around the friends of my husbands and now that we are apart our friends are not my friends any longer..
I have got to the point now in this small town that belongs to him to only family to talk to..
Sometimes we need others than family to be close to and I am at a loss now..
I got attached to those so called friends and they left me high and dry...Don't know where to go from here..
I have locked myself away now and only have my EP friends to keep me company...I am not feeling sorry for myself if this crosses your mind i'm just lonely...

The friends I grew up with are not from here and I feel like an outsider in this town....

Sorry to lay this on you but just needed to vent and wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful people here who give me something to look forward to...
 It's hard to have so much love to give and nowhere to put it so I bring it to you..

Hugs to you all
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And I am happier than I have ever been...New friends new life...It's wonderful to start over

My life has been the same.

So I changed it

So did I ...I moved 800 miles away :)

i find it better not to have friends they only hurt me so i stay alone i have my gf and thats all i need

I also feel very alone sometimes... I can have a hard time letting people in besides a few select group that I really trust, as you can never tell who is your real friend. I'm glad you have good support here until I'm sure you will meet some more genuine people.

it is time to find people who like the same things you do
friends, true friends take time to make
while you can know the whole town. few i any are real friends.
friendship is a hugh commitment LOL know what i mean.
learning to accept peep with there good and bad. i suck at it. i have a very low bull crap meter

Wow, that's tough. I am sorry for you. Have you thought to move on to another town? Anyway, know that I am thinking of you.

No need to be sorry.
It is rare to have real friends. Let me put it this way, after recent events, I found I had, besides Faery and EPeeps, three real friends. Which is rather a lot, but at the same time not a lot. Of all the friends I had in the town where I live, I noticed most, well actually with the exception of one, fell for the story of the ex. Alas, I can't say that hurt, it happened to me before, s I quite came to expect it.
You just go out, and get your new life on the rails, and be happy.

Thank you Jasper and I am so happy for you and faery