I've Been Bullied By My Younger Sister Again:(

Oh hi everyone here on EP, I am not feeling good again. As usual, Veronica, my 8 yr old sister bullied me again. I am so down and blue. Just the thought of it brings tears . I think you all should know that I'm 14 yrs old. You might say, its the older that bullies the younger. But, that's NOT true. I've been crying eversince she bullied me earlier during the day. I'm trying to hold back all the tears even as I'm writing this piece of article. I wonder how I'll ever stand up for my rights.

I have 3 sisters ( not including me) . Veronica has influenced my two other younger sisters Eunice & Abigail ages 5 & 6 ( respectively ) to talk bad about me to their classmates in preschool about me. Veronica also has spreaded many rumours about me to her close friends. Oh! I feel helpless.
My parents won't care a darn about the situation leaving me with no choice but to deal with it single-handedly. No one supports me only my friend, Meryl does. But, unfortunately, sometimes, she runs out ideas to help me.

I hope that here in EP, there are supporters who would stick up for me.
MsPretty123 MsPretty123
13-15, F
Dec 13, 2012