My Fifth Astral Projection Was A Sucess:)

My fellow EP friends, this is my fifth attempt in Astral Projection. (OOBE) It was really fun yet baffling. During the session, I concentrated hard and relaxed. My mind was still awake. I got the tingling sensation again. After a few seconds of the tingling, I looked right into my closes eyelids and toward my right, I saw a white light. I focused hardly but also relaxed. I somehow knew it is time to "get up". I told myself to stand up. This became easier as this is the 5th time I'm doing it. I would do it alone in my room on my bed. So my mind fully alert and aware of my surroundings, I stood up. I told myself to open astral eyes and I succeeded in that. Still, I looked down on my astral feet & I noticed it was still resting on my physical feet. I told myself to try leaping off the bed and before I knew it, I was totally detached. Immediately after that, I found myself hovering against the ceiling to the right side of the room and diagonally above my body. I wasn't that afraid but shocked and happy at the same time that I astral projected. I saw myself and decided to check if my physical body was asleep so I flew to the left side of the room and slowly came down. I walked to my bedside and saw myself eyes closed and sleeping. I then took the opportunity to explore the world in spirit form. I was still a little afraid if I would see other spirits around. But, I told myself maybe I would bump into other astral projectors . Many mins later, I woke back into my physical self via the silver cord. I must say astral projection is cool and fun. It is the true you ( your spirit ).
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Ive always wanted to know if that was sounds so cool..Id love to try it