I Am A Social Outcast At School.

Dear friends, I know I have no friends, I have been bullied for years, being laughed at, labelled and sad. I don't know what to do, I try to set boundaries but, bullies always break them I feel so sad. I swish there would be just once where I can be free.

I know life is tough but I sure agree that no one in society should be bullied, even a beggar, or road sweeper cannot be
made fun of or ridiculed at. Society is just not fair! I am a very matured young lady and I know this, I look good and I am very very self -assuring. So, I can't see beyond the fact as to why I'm being bullied and a social outcast. I am not perfect. I am just human, I have limitations. Everyone is not perfect, so question is why am I left out. I don't see logic neither do I have an explanation, I know that I am "different" to others but henceforth I argue that everyone should be treated with equal respect. I mean have some justice here and be realistic. So what that I am "different" but doesn't that bring out my special qualities? That why we are called individuals, we all think differently. Well, tell me how you feel about my story. Thank you.
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hey im in high school and i get what you say i have NO friends but i am still happy with my life. i can help you and become your friend lol cheesy right internet buddies, but its better then nothing :D

Good now I'm not alone.

People can be extremely shallow many of them will grow out of it some never will. At such a young age feeling like u need to fit in can seem so important but the key is just be yourself. Message me if u want to talk more. :-)

Great, now got to deal with that annoying boy in class and be myself at the same time.