Am I The Problem

Basically, last year! There was this girl that I'd been friends with since year 9 we Wernt close but we did talk a lot when we got in to year 11 her friends kicked her out of their group nd didn't want to hang around with her anymore.
So I said to the Hayley come and hang around with me and my friends, so she did!

We gt closer and she kept telling me how I was the only one of her best mates! Blah blah!
Before she came to our group it was me, Jen and Kate...we were all close! But then when Hayley came to our group it was awkward because Hayley and Jen used to be best friends but a that time hated each other! But from the group me, Jen and Hayley became closer and Kate became excluded from the group, then i got excluded and Jen and Hayley got close,

Now Hayley doesn't even want to know me, when no one was there for her I was and look now, now she has all the friends ...did she use me? Or is she jsut a *****?
cali2797 cali2797
Oct 10, 2013