Is 'congrats' Too Too Much To Expect From Ur Best Friend?

i just got married about 3 weeks ago and all of my friends were beyond happy for was jst the happiest day of mylife n everyone both family n friends were all crazy @ z wedding because they were filled with so much joy @ our union...but there is this friend of me who lives abroad.we have been friends for abt 5 yrs and we hv always been such agood friend.she is married and we talk pretty much everything and she knows zat i was going to get married.she knows him too n knows he's agood man too but she didn't call or congrats me ...we are friends on fb n she didn't even comment on our pic when every friend of us was doing just zat.i know she def. saw zpics cuz i hv seen her activities.she even posted some pic@ z same time besides we hv alot of mutual friends n it would be impossible to miss....i don't know what her problem is but i know i was always good her n supported her in every decision she has ever made and i was always happy for her when stg good happens to her....i'm confused congra really too much to expect?
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22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012