a calzone made out of people who you believed to be your friends, who were actually trying to insinuate themselves into a romantic relationship with you by making friendly gestures and pretending you owed them love in return. in your righteous anger you attempt to make them into a pizza, but slip up somewhere along the way and end up with a dish that’s as crappy as they were a friend.

the friendzone.
AnnieWays AnnieWays
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Sounds like you have the wrong friends.

It sux being in the friendzone doesnt bother me anymore T__T obvious lie is obvious
but yea it doesnt feel good but what can you dooo?
hey chris<3

Ello =) and well not all relationships are lies, you need to find the right guy

it seems like i never willllllll:(
all the good guys are taken

Nooo, they're not, i feel that way to girls nd i know they're not all gone, i look at love like coloring a picturre, you are the artist, and the colors are the relationships, each color is a different personality, now your goal is to paint the most beautiul picture ever known to mankind, sure you might not find the colors but you will, i know you will, sure you might also want the same color over and over and over again, but you need to be creative and just color that sucker =) and once you find the last color, you know he's the one, then you can hang the picture on the refridgerator, and by that your heart or mind, and look back at all the good colors =)

thanks chris, well written:)

thank u =) nd ur welcome =)

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