I've had her in the friendzone for nearly a year. I know she likes me, and she's admitted it on numerous occasions. She's very attractive, but I can't seem to find myself getting feelings for her. However, both times I've gotten close to her, I have been broken up with and I'm in the moving on stage. I've recently got close to her again, as I am once again in the moving on stage through my last breakup two months ago. One day I will get close to her, and maybe something will happen between us, but I can't get feelings for her right now.
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This is selfish. She was not brought to this world to please you and help you move on during your break ups. You have to be honest with her and stop promising her that you need time. She deserves better than this!

I disagree. If she's too stupid to hang around for this ******* she gets what's coming to her.

Well you dunno what he might be telling her to make her stick around! He's not an angel I guess


By the looks of your EP profile, you appear to be very fond in things coming from ********. I wish you the best of luck in that weird ******** fetish of yours.

Wow, you really have the wrong idea here :L She's a friend. She likes me. I don't like her in that way. I get into a relationship. She's still a friend. That relationship ends. She's still a friend. I'm not using her to move on, let alone whatever it is you think I'm doing.

Ok then be honest with her. And if she does mean a lot to you then you have to make her go find someone who would give her love

I've been honest with her and told her I only prefer her as a friend. I've given her advice on other guys, but she always seems to stick around for me. I honestly feel guilty about how she feels about me, and I'm confused about what I should do, as I can't risk losing her as a friend.

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