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I think my favorite song is never again .. because it reminds me of what i would love to do to my sisters husband .. he usually beats her about every three to six months . My only consolation in the whole thing is God doesnt like ugly ... and he is just an ugly person .
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im very happy to report that shes been away from him for two months ... shes working now which is something she wasnt allowed to do before and shes so much stronger !!!!

Wow, I didn't know about this song until i read your story and went to watch the video on the net. That song kicks arse. You're right, the song is definitely about domestic violence. You can tell from the lyrics that it's seen through a child's eyes and that the father beats up the mother. The third verse sounds like the mother plans to shoot the father or somethin', I understand if you feel like doing this to your sister's husband but don't do it! I know you probably never would but doing so would get you charged with murder and mess up your entire life and that scumbag of a wife-beating oaf is not worth it. You should help your sister get away from him instead. But great song anyway, thank you for sharing :)