Kick Arse Show!

I just saw Nickelback in concert this past Monday night in Philly. Let me just say that they kick f'in a$$! I was expecting a good show but this was beyond good. I knew every song which always makes a concert good, but there are just some bands who can't pull off good live performances. But not Nickelback. They are an excellent live band. Chad does a great job interacting with the crowd. He tells stories and jokes around. Hands his half drank beer bottles to people in the crowd......stuff like that. :) As an example, they went to the end of the "penis shaped extention" part of the stage (this is how Chad described it) to do a few songs. The band memebers excluding the drummer all sat on stools at the end of this extention. Chad notices that there was a mother and a child near the front of the crowd (this was general admission, mind you) and he says, "oh my, there's a kid down here." Then he asks the mom how old she is. Mom replied that the kid was 6. This is followed by Chad asking, "you brought her to see us?" Mom replied that the girl was a big fan. Chad's next comment was that he was dropping f-bombs all night. Now he's going to be self concious about it. He smiled down at the girl and her mother and apologized and said, "but I'm not going to stop using them." and smiled at them. After a couple songs, before they went back to the main part of the stage, Chad handed his guitar pick down to the little girl. The drummer also came down and gave his sticks to the girl. As they were getting situated for the next song, Chad addressed their tour manager via his microphone asking him to go to merchandising and get a few things that would be suitable and fit a 6 year old. All I can say is what a nice bunch of guys. On the way to the concert, we heard on the radio that they were coming to Hershey park in July. About an hour into their performance, my mom looks at me and says, "we're going to see them in Hershey" The tickets go on sale on the 14th, but they are doing a pre-sale for Citi card holders, so I bought our tickets for Hershey the day after the Philly show. I can't friggin wait!
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Their show is sold out here. My daughter (she's 16 not 6) and I are hoping to get last minute tickets on the day of the concert. Sometimes they release tickets after the stage has been set up. It's great to hear that not only are they great rockers, but nice guys too.

that's such an awesome story, thanks so much for sharing! i've never had the pleasure of seeing nickelback live, although i would absolutely love to! i'm glad you had such a great time :)