Petticoated Bully

I knew I was in trouble when Mrs. Mathews the assistant principal at my middle school came out of her office and said I got a hold of your mother and she will be down to pick you up soon. I was very mad about that and I was sure that she would give me one of her good talking to's so that sucked but then it would be over. It was a lot better when dad was living with us. They couldn't live together any more so they got a divorce and dad moved away. I begged him to let me come live with him but he said the courts gave my mother custody so I had to live with her. She was working all the time and every time I needed anything like that new "Kung Fu Kombat" video game she always had the same answer. "We don't have the money to be throwing it away on trash like that". I didn't think it was trash, and we have enough money to throw away on bow ties that I have to wear to school. As I was reflecting on this my mother came through the door, and she looked real mad. She walked into Mrs. Mathew’s office and then they both came out and stood right in front of me.
Mrs. Mathews said, "Ms. Walker you have to do something with your Tony. This is the last time that I will tolerate his constant fighting. He called one of his classmates a sissy and then beat him up. Do you know why, just because the boy didn't want to play football. I don't know what you will do, but I'll support anything you do short of physical violence upon him".
Mom looked real mad but then tilted her head and looked at Mrs. Mathews and said, "May I speak with you for a moment?" They both went back into her office and then returned after a few moments. Both women were smiling and Mrs. Mathews looked at me smiling and then turned to my mother and said, "I really do think that will be a wonderful idea. I think it will work as well. He will stop this bad behavior and learn from it and also learn how much it really hurts.

My mother replied, "Well it is like I have always said, what goes around comes around".
Mrs. Mathews I know that this will work and I'm sure that it will not only help him but many other children as well. We will see you tomorrow morning at 9 sharp.

Mother came over to me and said we need to go home. I walked out with her wondering why she didn't sound as mad as I thought she should be. She didn't seem mad at all. When we got home she told me to go ahead and start my homework but to it on the dining room table. She brought me some fudge and milk and said that she had to do some stuff in my room, and for me to stay right here. I wondered what she was doing but I didn't want to ask and temp fate so to speak. I mean she didn't seem mad and I didn't want to do anything that would cause her to be mad. I sat down and started in on my homework thinking I got off of this pretty light. I mean no suspension, expulsion, or any extra school work. Mother was doing something and coming in and out, of my room and going into hers. After awhile she came and got some boxes down out of the attic and then went back into my room. After that she went into hers and then she started outside carrying those boxes.

On her second trip out Janet and Janice came home just as mother was going out. Janet and Janice are my two sisters that were seniors in high school. Janet came over to the table and asked, "Well monster (their name for me) what are you doing home?"

"I'm doing my homework, you stupid girl. I'm sitting here right in front of you doing homework and like the stupid girl that you are you have to come over here and ask me what I'm doing. I think you're just trying to start something, but then maybe you're just a stupid girl".

Mother came back in from going outside and told the girls to stop pestering me and to leave me alone so that I can finish my homework. She then told them to come to her room. They all went into her room and I went back to my math homework. I suddenly heard Janice say very loudly, "Oh mother, you're not are you, oh yeah that will really work." After a few more minutes they came out and she asked the two girls if they would help her make supper.

I sat there and finished my homework and I told my mother that I was done. She said that was nice, and we would be ready to eat in about 15 minutes. Then she told me to go and take my shower before dinner since I got into the fight today. I started to go to my room to get my clothes but she told me to just go to the bathroom and she would bring me in my clothes in a few minutes. I went in to the bathroom and took off my clothes and then got into the shower. A few minutes after I started to wash the door opened and I heard mother say, "Here are your clothes dear". I went ahead and finished my shower thinking she hasn't taken away the video console yet, so I might be able to play a video game after supper.
When I was finished I stepped out of the shower and looked around for my clothes and then wrapped a towel around me and stuck my head out of the bathroom saying to my mother, "Mom I don't have any clothes in the bathroom".

She called back from the kitchen that they were right there on the clothes hamper. I turned back to the clothes hamper but I didn't see any. I called back that there were no clothes on the clothes hamper, just some old dresses.

She came into the bathroom and went to the clothes hamper and picked up the dress and saying while she did so, "Here are your clothes young lady, you have panties, t-shirt, ankle socks, shoes, and a dress". She was smirking when she said dress, and then she sat it down. Then she got her face really close to mine and said, "Now listen to me Tonia, as that is your new name. You will wear these dresses until you can figure out how you should act, and not go around beating up on people weaker than you, and if you don't want to wear it that's up to you. You don't have any more boy clothes. But you will go to school tomorrow, and you will wear dresses or you will go naked. And let me tell you missy, you think the kids will make fun of you in dresses think about what they will do when you're naked. Now get dressed and get out of here, supper is ready".

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Your story stopped just as it was getting interesting. The question is: What were your reactions, emotional and physical? How far did it go? How did it change your life?

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