Blown a Way

OK i Ben married for 7 years i Ben sharing my wife with a friend for about 4 years he comes down a few times a year she only sucks his **** why i watch ilove to watch my wife suck **** it drives me crazy so yesterday was my birthday and a few days a go she ask me what i wanted i told her i wanted to watch her suck **** but not my friend she said who i said lets pick someone up she said like at a bar i said i don't know she said figure it out  so i thought about it for a day and i remembered this story about guys going to rest areas to have sex so i told her and she said thats a long way to go just to pick someone up and i said i don't want to pick someone up i want you to just give people head she said moor then one i said ya she said she think about it to get to the point she said yes then she said how am i going to get guys to let me suck tear dicks i said i did not think of that she said I'm not going to ask people if thy want tear **** sucked so we came up with this plane that she followed her husband tear and saw him getting a blow job the night be for and she was going to get him back by given head to people at the rest area so i went to this t shirt store and got this shirt made up that said I swallow see men and i  gave it to her and she said I'm not wearing that and i said if you wear it people will come up to you and then you wont have any problems you will know what thy want and you can give it to them so my birthday comes and we drop the kids off at her moms told her we wear going to the movies and a late diner so the kids spent the night tear so we went to a bar and she had a few bears and a few shots of tequila and around ten she was felling good so we went to a rest area on I 70 out side Columbus so we get tear and she said are you shore you want me to do this i said yes this is all i want she said where am i going to do this i said stand out side the mens room and do it in one of the stalls she said how are you going to watch if i do it that way i said i don't need to see as long as i know you are doing it she said OK and put the shirt on and went to the mens room and i was in the truck watching  what was going to happen in the next 2 howls was going to blow me a way i won't have dreamed it so she is standing tear and people are just walking by  so i sit tear for a few and see this guy just walk by her now my wife is a good looking women she is 5 10 blond and about 130 nice **** and *** so i see this guy walk by her and he gos over to this picnic table with 2 other guys so i get out of my truck and walk over to them and ask for a light  and thy ask whats up with that blond so I told them  her husband cheated on her last night and she is going to get him back by given head because he was getting a blow job hear last night and they ask who i was i told them i worked with her and she told me what happen and what she wanted to do so i told her she shooed do it and i tack her so i could get some head but she wood not do it because she new me they said are you serious i said yes so one of the guys said I'm going up tear so he went and me and the other 2 guys watch he stared to talk to her and then he took her in to the mens room and i started talking to the other guys around 5 or 10 minutes lather the first guy came back and told his Buddy's she just sucked his **** so the other 2 guy s went up to my wife and started to talk to her and i could her them laughing and one of them took her in the mens room so me and the fist guy walk up to the mens room and stared talking to the last guy now i am about to come my self so the 2 guy comes out and tells the last guy she is waiting for you so he gos in while he is in their thees 3 black guys come up and the first and second guy start  telling thees 3 other guys this Little **** is in their sucking everyones **** thees guys start to say are you for real and we all go ya she blowing someone now they are like cool start to ask if she is good looking we say yes then she and the last guy come out she looks at me and them and says any one el ts now what happen next is UN real one of the black guys says me she tacks him in the room and one of the other black guys says **** this i want to see this so he starts to go in  and we all followed him in and he said Mikel wear are you i want to see this ***** in action so he opens the last stall and Thar she was **** in moth going to town so Evonne starts to Cher her on and she going to town on this guy and he Finley comes  so the guy we followed in says come hear ***** and she comes out of the stall he whips out his **** she looks at me and smiles drops to her knees and starts suck en his **** and she is go en for it she sucking like she loves it in front of all of us this is her 5 guy now and the rest of the guys start to cheer **** her **** her so the guy gets her off her knees she starts tacking off all her clothes i can't believe what I'm seeing he bends her over  the sink and stars to **** her she looks at me with this ****** grin and close her eyes  so all the guys are going **** her over and over and this guy was given it to her hard for about 10 minutes and comes all over her *** so the last guy gos over and drops hes pants and she just stays their and looks at him and says give it to me i cant believe what I'm hearing and he starts to **** her now she has never let any one **** her not even my friend and she been blowing him for years so i cant believe what I'm seeing so this guy starts to **** her and she starts going crazy she is loving it she starts saying **** me over and over and this guy is given it to her hard then she says **** me in the *** now I'm blown a way i been with her for 8 years and she never  let me **** her in the *** so this guy starts to **** her in the *** and she is going nuts she is love in it so this guy gos I'm coming I'm coming she drops to her knees and tacks it all when she was finish she got dressed and ask the last guy for his number looked at me and said she was reedy to go home so we went to the truck and left she did not say a word for 10 or 15  minutes so i said are you OK she said was that a good anufe show for you i said i did not want you to do all that for me and she laughed and said i did the frist 3 for you i did the last 3 for me i said are you made at me she said no i had a great time i cant wait to call that guy again i said douse that mean i get to **** you in the *** now and she said no i don't know why i did that but when he was ******* me i got this felling i never got be for and when he started to **** me in the *** i came like i never came be for so i said why cant i **** you in the *** and she said you like to watch now you can watch she said you don't care if i call him do you i said no so now their are 6 guys 7 if you cont me that are happy today so is that wrong to mack people happy i ask my wife this morning if she would do it again she said yes as soon as her *** stop hurting and that was the best time i ever had and all thees people are happy because of my wife it makes me love her moor

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Weird, I have sex with my wife no one else, why watch when you can do it.

Incredible. Sounds like something that would happen in the sixties or in a cheap *****. Not so sure about today with all the security at rest areas now. Most guys are too chicken to try jacking off alone much less sharing their wife with a group of strangers and let one **** her up the *** and swallow all their ***. The tee shirt thing was a bit much. No woman in her right mind...

your a sick ****

your a sick ****

I have cheated on my wife in the past and engaged in swinging. My wife discovered my infidelity and love of swinging and we have stayed married. <br />
<br />
I am now trying to convince my wife to swing. She just won't do it, although I talk about it all the time during sex. <br />
<br />
If I could live my life over again, I would marry a woman I could share with other men. There is nothing more erotic than watching a woman you care about having sex with other men. It is her gift to you. It is so intimate.

wow, would I like to be there when she does again