Be Carfull For What You Wish For!!!!

If you red my first story you know what I'm talking about if not i will give you a recap Friday was my birth day so my wife did something for me we went to a rest area so i could watch her give head to people  read my story blown a way for details so at the end of that night she ended up getting ganged banged by 2 guys and got the number of one of them so in my story i did not tell how she did not want to go to the rest area in the first place but i nagged her and talk her in to it so knowing all that she ends up calling that guy he invites her to a BBQ Monday she tells me this  I thought she was calling him to ask him to come over to are house so i could watch her suck his **** because i love to watch her do that it drives me crazy! So i Say your not going are you she says I'm thinking about it i said I don't think I'm conferable with you doing that  she says I was not  conferable going to a rest area and given head to a bunch of strangers but you made me do it did en you you got your way so I'm going!!!  (cheek mate) what the hell do i say to that  so Monday comes and she leaves at 10am and said she be back at 5 or 6pm so i said OK so i ain't stupid i know whats going to happen she is going to get laid now I don't know how i feel about that i shared my wife for 4 years and all she ever did was suck **** on-till the rest area when she let 2 guys **** her and let this guy **** her in the *** witch she has never let me do so 5 oh clock comes and gos so at 7 I'm getting pissed so i walk to the store to get some beer I start to drink  8 and 9 comes and gos the kids want to know wear Thar mom is. She has are only truck no cell phone no way for me to get a hold of her i get the kids to bed they got school in the mooring i got to go to work know I'm getting worried all kinds of stuff is going throe my head I don't know this guy she don;t  know him she only ****** him for 10 or 15 minutes or so ant talk to him on the phone ones so about  230 am  I pass out get up at 6am and still no wife now I don't know what to do so I call off work i get the kids up and ready for school they want to know wear their mom is i tell them she spent the night at her friends now its 7 and i get the kids off to school  now i don't know what to do so about 845 she comes home she looks like **** i ask wear she been she said out i said  i know that why did you not call me she said they did not have a phone i said you call him she said we where at hes friends house i said so what did you do she said what do you think we did i said i don't know tell me (now wear yelling at one another)she said I **** him and his friends I said what do you mean his friends she said see you don't care that i **** him you only care that i **** his friends and stared to cry  i said i just want to know what happen i was up all night worried about you she said she meant him at the rest area he was with one of the other guys at the rest area Friday so she got in their car and went to some ones house they stared drinking and he stared telling everyone that this was the ***** at the rest area and took me in a bed room i told him i did not want to but he said thats what i was hear for so i said what happen she said you want me to act like a ***** and now people think I'm a ***** so i let him **** me  so i said then what happen she said when he was done he started to send his friends in i said how Meany friends she said she did not know all of them they just kept coming all night some of them twice they wood not tack her home so she just stayed in that room all night i said was you rape she said no she did it willingly i said why she said because you turn me in to a ***** so thats what you got then she went to bed thats wear she is now what do i do some one help me
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im gonna give you great advice!!!you need fuc**** help.your sick very sick.really you have kids god i said you are so sick is sad. terrible husband much??

Actually, I'm jealous of your wife. I would love to get gang banged by a group of strangers all night.

yep..Steve its called having a hotwife...nothing like it either...its most womens dream having 2 men...just as a lot of men like having 2 women

This is the new trend, get married and have your wife date. It is the most amazing turn on- interestingly - it seems to be a one way , such that the husband has little or no interest in other woman.

Unlike the last guy I can understand how you can enjoy watching your wife sucking another guy. I love watching my wife with another man. I'd love to help you out with your problem, but to be honest it would take a lot more than the limited space here. There's a number of things you can do too fix this. If you really want some help, email me at and I'll try to help you out. I really hope I hear from you because it sounds like you and your wife have some things you need to sort through.

Whelp, I'm not usually this blunt, but here it goes!... First off, I don't see what would make a married man get his rocks off watching HIS woman do ANYTHING sexual with ANOTHER man... even a blow job. But, ok, so there are some of ya'll out there. But, you head- tripped her into doing something she obviously didn't REALLY want to do. So she thought she'd be cutesy and head-trip you back, but it back fired on her. Now you're both in deep doo-doo with this game, and it might just take some counciling to pull you back out of it, if you can be strong enough to endure the damages already done. This is sad. I hope you can both get past this eventually.