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I Love Playing With My Big ******

I absolutely love to play with my big ******, they always bring me so much pleasure every time I use them. I have a pretty nice collection of toys, but my 3 biggest toys are an 11" *****, a 13" *****, and my biggest is a 15" long and 6" around black veiny ***** with giant balls at the bottom of it. I love to play/**** myself with my huge 15" *****, I always *** so hard whenever I use it, and I always have multiple ******* with it. It took me a while to get use to it, and whenever I use it I have to start off with some smaller toys and work my way up to my giant monster, but it is well worth all the work. But don't think that just because I use such a massive ***** that my sweet little ***** is loose, I don't use it all to often (I like to save it for when I am feeling extra, extra horny) and I keep my ***** tight by doing kegel exercises.
ChelseaEmery34B ChelseaEmery34B 18-21, F 112 Responses Dec 25, 2012

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Damn, would love to see how you handle my size then ;)

Id LUV to play with you and all your toys!!! YUMMY!

would love to see some pics of that!

Oohh lala

You can use my **** as your ***** hot dear, I love them tooo!!!!

sounds extremely hot and sexy
would love to see you in action with your toys

Just wow!

oh u sexy lil naughty thing youuuu:) lol kegel exercises mmmm :):):) I bet your bf can't wait to get his **** deepppp inside you :):)

I dont think ******* get loose from that, my wife has had children and I don't notice much difference from before

so keep enjoying it

sounds like a fun time ... please add me .. .love to hear more!!

well I hope that's not all that gives you ****** .. hopefully you have a good man to take care of you needs

Mmm that's hot I'd love to help you use your ***** on your tight little *****

How would you like to just lay there and have someone else use that ***** on you? I'm volunteering... such a HOT image in my mind!!! Speaking of that image, I'd love to see your's. Add me, or message me sometime.

...playing with real dicks is much better, sadly mines only 9 inches, have big balls as we'll !!!


Wow U seem 2 have all the baces covered 4 all us also Horney guys

That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me...

You seem to have made "toy sex" into a personal art! Good luck to you. K &C (UK).

add me hun !!!

mmmmmm id love to lick and suck your hot ***** clean after you've made it all wet and full of your yummy juices xxx

I am sure I would love to watch you playing with your toys.

Damn! That is so sexy hot bowchicawowwow stuff!

I would love to see some pictures of these adventures

holy're gonna split yourself in half if you're not careful :)


I too love huge insertions! Keep up on the kegels, we notice! :)

Good gitl!!!

wow thats incredible, how do u even hide such monsters and i bet you look amazing riding them judging by how sexy your profile pic is

Sounds like we have similar, ****** my real feel black **** is my favorite. Have been with a few bbc. have always enjoyed having sex with them