Yes, We Do!

Anytime we get a chance, although it's been a while. ******* in public isn't a big deal for us.  Our attitude about sex is that it's a natural function for which there should be no shame.  That said, the law is the law and we're good - most of the time.

If you define public as ******* while others can watch, then we do that routinely with friends.  Some of our visitors are here for sex while others are good friends who know our bedroom door is always open and we aren't shy about having sex.  We have an older friend who isn't interested in having sex due to health reasons, but seems to enjoy watching us pet around while we all sit around nude and chatting.  There have been times my wife and I head to our bedroom and start having sex while the friend bathes.  The first time we were in that situation, we fooled around until we heard her finish her shower, then stopped while we visited with her some more.  Another time, we got more involved while she showered and didn't think she was heading our way.  I was hard as a rock, kissing and fingering my wife's ***** when the friend came into our room.  She apologized but we told her it wasn't a problem for us, so she hopped on the bed to chat.  Since I was already heading toward my wife's ***** to lick it, I kept going while she and the friend chatted.  To cut the story short, I licked my wife's ***** and **** until she had a great ***, then eased up and put my **** in her ***** while our friend watched.  My wife had caught her breath and we both continued talking with our friend.  I held myself up on my arms so the friend could watch my **** slide in and out, then lowered myself as I felt the sensations increasing.  As I ******, they kept talking.  Then, I raised up and pulled my **** out of my wife's ***** as I started *******.  The friend watched as intently as we did.  She said that was the first time she had ever had that kind of experience.  Heck, if she was willing to sit with us, it was no problem for us to **** with her watching!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Sep 18, 2012