**** Life Right Now

**** I hate myself and my life so much right now,,nothing new about that tho i guess,,

Im so sick of feeling like this and wish i could go to sleep
and never wake up, but the thouht of leaving my lil boy is too sad

Im stuck in a situation I cant ******* change,, I have no one to help, no freinds, no family, no money, lotsa other stuff i cant be bothered trying to explain

**** if this is as good as it gets,,life can suck my **** as i dont want it
sykoprincess sykoprincess
31-35, F
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

keep calm dear.... i used top beer that trauma in my life once.. and wanted to end my life...but later my life is good and I am happy now.....
if you feel better you can talk to me.. anytime...life is precious...takecare.

I feel somewhat the same. If I got out, I would have nowhere else to go, nothing to do. If I just die (and I kind of feel like I should), I would create more hardship for some who don't deserve it. Weed helps me get day to day, but my lungs feel like they're going to shut down from all that I've been smoking.

I'm just going to try to see what can happen. The stress will kill me before too long, I imagine.

I wish I could help. But I can do is cry.

Hey what can one say. Sorry things are like that for you. Wish you well.