Wear Out **** Stars

It was my first 3some.  I was flirting heavily at a bar wit a beautiful guy.  He said he made moovies.  He had a friend that was cute too.  I ended up going to his place and tried to get a girl to go with his friend.  We could not get the girl he was talking to come with us.  I got to his driveway and he asked if it was ok if his friend hung out while we had sex.  I agreed.  He then asked if I would also sleep with the buddy.  It took a while but I finally said I would try it.  He had to go to the bathroom so I tackled his buddy.  I held his arms down and rode up and down his jeans.  The pretty guy came back in and wrapped around my back.  I asked him to bite my neck and he did.  I proceeded to get naked and the buddy had a huge ****.  I did him and licked the pretty guy who was not so big.  I got both of them off and the pretty guy threw me back and started licking me.  Holy cow! It was great.  I got off hard and made the buddy hold my arms down.  He went back to screwing me until I got really sore, and he got off again.  We invented lots of positions where the guys did not touch each other which would not have bothered me.  I am really creative.  The buddy was worn out.  The pretty guy started doing me and even though his **** was not as big, it was great.  I was swolen.  We kept having sex until it was getting light outside.  I have never seen them since, but oh what fun we had. 

36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Well done...I love hearing how a sexy woman like yourself can wear out more than one man! ;-)

sorry i made you so sore....lol