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I did it, I ****** my wife's friend after she came on to me. The two couples (me and my wife, he and his) had diner that went out for a little more partying at a long karaoke bar. We all went into one of the private singing rooms and were having a good time dancing with each others big deal till his wife kissed me. We made out a little bit (my wife actual made out with her husband too) still having a good time. We all had been drinking and my wife and her husband pretty much passed out when we got back to our house. He feel asleep in the lazy boy, my wife passed out on the sofa. I showed his wife to the spare bed room asked if I could get her anything else....that is when she grabbed me and and really started making out, she pulled me down on the bed and slid her pants and underwear off as she lay back on the bed....pulled me down and told me ....**** me make me ***!! I couldn't believe intense soooo hot!! Needless to say she didn't have to tell me twice....It was some great sex and we both came almost together, soooo hot when I shot my *** inside her....she didn't even ask about a condom, and I didn't have one anyway....
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i had a reverse experience when i passed out in a chair and another guy ****** my girlfriend. i didnt know it at the time but found out from a friend who was at the party.We didnt break up over it but she dumped me within a month anyway. Turns out she never really enjoyed sex with me and when that guy ****** her good and proper she pretty much decided to break up with me.

So was this a one time deal or has it stayed in the past.